Why is everything pink?

“Everyone’s crazy somehow. Some people just hide it better than others.”

Misti Wolanski

drawing of a sparrow wielding a pen

I learned to read at an early age and devoured every bit of writing I could get my hands on—cereal boxes, dictionaries, Ernest Hemingway, the entire Bible, Moby Dick, my mother’s psychology textbooks…

She didn’t seem very happy about that last one.

But by that point, I was nine years old, and the damage had already been done: I loved to read, and I’d developed a fondness for identifying gaps between what people say and what they intended to say.

Bridging this gap (between intention and results) is the root of what I do as an editor/proofreader, a web coder, a document formatter, and even as an author.

Need an editor or a proofreader who’ll help your end product be what you want it to be? Brochures aren’t blog posts, which aren’t books—and then there are other factors that influence how your writing needs to end up. Check my editing page. (Or you can check out the books my work has led me to write.)

Need someone to format your document for you, whether it’s a brochure or a book? Something converted to HTML—even if you need it to utterly match a document, PDF, or image? Help adjusting your website to what you want it to be? Check my Fiverr profile. (If you need more admin/install help for your website, check out my friend Grace at Require: Coffee.)

Want something to read with characters that feel like people and the premise “Everyone’s crazy somehow. Some people just hide it better than others”? I write fantasy as Misti Wolanski, dystopia as Cara Lee, space opera as Misty White, and for-adults dark fantasy as Carralee Byrd.

So whether you’re looking for something to read or for help with something, I might be able to help you out…or at least point you in the right direction.

May you have a most excellent week!