So something needs to get organized and polished and professional, so you find the box where that item belongs. Great! Task done. It’s all tidy, now. It’s all normal.

But what about when you need something different?

What about when you need something outside the box? Or that breaks the box? Or that blows the box a raspberry and refuses to play that game of “Let’s be different the same way that everyone else is!”?

Oh, projects and products do need boxes for their publication—that’s how marketing works. But what if you don’t even know what box your project needs?

What happens when you need a custom box or help figuring out what box you need?

Hi. I’m Misti, and don’t hang out in the usual “boxes”.

Take my website. Notice how I fix up others’ writing and build websites from scratch. I write stories and help folks write for themselves and build lovely custom EPUB, MOBI, and PDF files.

And rather than divvy these things up across different websites targeting those specific things, I offer it in one place.

Why? Because my skills in all these things boil down to one core characteristic:

I bridge gaps.

Between what you want to be doing and are actually doing. Between what a layman doesn’t know but an expert assumes everyone does. Between what writers assume readers want and what some readers actually want*.

*And I have over 700k reads on Wattpad that prove I have a clue about that.

I bridge the gaps between your project or product and its audience.

But like any quality box-builder, I don’t only know what I know, but I also know what I don’t know.

For example, I can’t write you a WordPress plugin, but if you have a clear explanation of what you want, I’ll know what kind of person or people you need to make it.

And I bridge gaps with an eye to the future.

Some call it ”future-proofing”: Setting things up and providing your services in such a way to reduce the workload and funds needed for future updates.

If there’s a core writing error you’re prone to, I might point it out and explain it. If you don’t yet know what you want to do with your website in the future, I’ll do my best to discuss that with you to make sure your newly built website suits those future plans (or at least will be easy to upgrade to suit them).

Even my fiction all illustrates the box-breaking premise, “Everyone’s crazy somehow. Some people just hide it better than others.”

What boxes do you need built?

Web Design

or other HTML5/CSS3 needs

Document Formatting

whether for e-book or p-book

Editing or Proofreading

for fiction or nonfiction


for nonfiction or fiction


check out my fiction!


check out my nonfiction!

Coming 08.08.16!

They can find you if you Jump

Some folks can hop through universes and time. Using that to immigrate to a new somewhen tends to complicate your legal status, though.

E-books in this series have two versions of the story: one with mature language and an “authorized cut” edition for readers who would rather avoid it.

cover for "She Who Knows Tomorrow"
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All kindness is not wise.

Third’s clutch escaped their home universe years ago, before any of them were old enough to legally take a name and to stop having to risk themselves to keep others alive. She’s still too young for that, and the alternate version of herself that she lives with calls her “Kitten”.

First and Second, the other survivors in her clutch, live elsewhere. They’ve been waiting longer than necessary to join the Named, so they won’t leave her behind again…and they’ve been breaching the laws that govern the Nameless.

Now their home universe is catching up to them, and they’ll have to pay the price.

Note: earlier editions of this story were originally released on Wattpad and Inkitt, under the title “Third”

(A novella of about 26k words or 1.6 hours’ reading for the average reader.)

Contains violence, drugs, and other things that tend to show up in high-risk populations.

cover for "Trust Is a Fickle Business"
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All aid is not kind.

After Raleigh stumbled out of her native universe, she suppressed the memory files of her time as a soldier. She and two other refugees from other universes rent an apartment together, pooling resources and helping each other cope with living in a somewhen other than the ones they’d grown up in.

But their native universes haven’t forgotten them. Raleigh had to kill one roommate’s bioengineered sister just yesterday—and, in the process, she had to activate far more of her built-in tech than she’s used since entering the somewhen she’s living in.

Her old captain’s been waiting for her to do that.

(A novella of about 22.5k words or 1.4 hours’ reading for the average reader.)

Contains violence, drugs, and other things that tend to show up in high-risk populations.

cover for "The Innocence of Serpents"
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All harm is not malicious.

TamLin grabbed the opportunity to leave his native universe to escape his mother. Living in another universe as an illegal immigrant is the only way he can outmaneuver others’ efforts to puppeteer him.

He’s a sensate, able to detect and interpret eddies of psychic energy and space-time without the need of tools and technology. That’s a valuable ability—and he’s an expert with it. He prefers loitering outside the law so he can take care of the manipulative jerks who work their ways around the system…and circumstances outside TamLin’s control mean his current target knows he’s onto him.

Now it’s a race of who can destroy the other first.

(A novella of about 24.5k words or 1.5 hours’ reading for the average reader.)

Contains violence, drugs, and other things that tend to show up in high-risk populations.