Me, before I went all Waterworld* on my hair.
*Okay, I used scissors.
photo of me

Everyone’s crazy somehow. Some people just hide it better than others.

Personally, I like combining things that common wisdom says wouldn’t work together, in ways that demonstrate they actually can. Lace bracelets with wire earrings. Cocktail dresses with combat-ish boots. Multiple colors, textures, and/or patterns that, when combined, actually accent each other rather than conflict.

It’s fun to kick assumptions in the face. Even my cat agrees*.

*(Or so I assume, since she plays fetch, loves belly rubs, and begs for treats.)

What matters is what matters, not what everyone and their grandfather assumes is needed.

That’s why my services focus on you and your project, not a specific methodology that might not fit. (Thus why my website is custom-built and not this. Okay, Bootstrap’s also just a shim, and text-based formats are a lot harder to keep looking pretty than image-based ones.)

Even the fiction I write focuses on the people rather than on any single convetntional genre. My characters have mental health issues, disabilities, or experience with things like gaslighting.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. :-)