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displaced shadows

adult dystopian multiverse sci-fi

They can find you if you Jump

Some folks can hop through universes and time. Using that to immigrate to a new somewhen tends to complicate your legal status, though.

E-books in this series have two versions of the story: one with mature language and an “authorized cut” edition for readers who would rather avoid it.

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All kindness is not wise.

Third’s clutch escaped their home universe years ago, before any of them were old enough to legally take a name and to stop having to risk themselves to keep others alive. She’s still too young for that, and the alternate version of herself that she lives with calls her “Kitten”.

First and Second, the other survivors in her clutch, live elsewhere. They’ve been waiting longer than necessary to join the Named, so they won’t leave her behind again…and they’ve been breaching the laws that govern the Nameless.

Now their home universe is catching up to them, and they’ll have to pay the price.

Note: earlier editions of this story were originally released on Wattpad and Inkitt, under the title “Third”

(A novella of about 26k words or 1.6 hours’ reading for the average reader.)

Contains violence, drugs, and other things that tend to show up in high-risk populations.

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All aid is not malicious.

After Raleigh stumbled out of her native universe, she suppressed the memory files of her time as a soldier. She and two other refugees from other universes rent an apartment together, pooling resources and helping each other cope with living in a somewhen other than the ones they’d grown up in.

But their native universes haven’t forgotten them. Raleigh had to kill one roommate’s bioengineered sister just yesterday—and, in the process, she had to activate far more of her built-in tech than she’s used since entering the somewhen she’s living in.

Her old captain’s been waiting for her to do that.

(A novella of about 22.5k words or 1.4 hours’ reading for the average reader.)

Contains violence, drugs, and other things that tend to show up in high-risk populations.

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All harm is not cruel.

TamLin grabbed the opportunity to leave his native universe to escape his mother. Living in another universe as an illegal immigrant is the only way he can outmaneuver others’ efforts to puppeteer him.

He’s a sensate, able to detect and interpret eddies of psychic energy and space-time without the need of tools and technology. That’s a valuable ability—and he’s an expert with it. He prefers loitering outside the law so he can take care of the manipulative jerks who work their ways around the system…and circumstances outside TamLin’s control mean his current target knows he’s onto him.

Now it’s a race of who can destroy the other first.

(A novella of about 24.5k words or 1.5 hours’ reading for the average reader.)

Contains violence, drugs, and other things that tend to show up in high-risk populations.


dystopian space opera for YA+

short stories: fewer than 7,500 words

centuries before the main series…

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She was a lab experiment, and he was son of the man who made her…

(A short story of about 3k words or 11 minutes’ reading for the average reader.)

novelettes: between 7,500 words and 17,500 words

novelette series with Astraea Press:

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Meddling, secrets, lies—will anything not conspire to drive them together?

Wynne Layuman doesn’t hate Hector Primuman IV, but she can’t bring herself to like him much, either, even if he does understand her when she recites the periodic table. Eventually, her mother uses the outdated Earth adage, “The third time’s the charm,” even though the third attempt to set Wynne up with Hector happened before they hit Dyad (age sixteen).

Hector Primuman IV, great-great grandson of the man who founded the original colony, has long known he’s odd. With the genegineering that advanced his mind at the expense of his body (genegineering specifically designed to enable him to keep the colony’s secrets hidden), the closest thing he has to a friend is the one girl who can (usually, sort of) keep up with him: Wynne Layuman. But Wynne’s highly competitive, leaving him aware that while she’s the closest thing he has to a friend, the feeling isn’t mutual. And she’s smart enough that she’ll eventually figure out what he can’t tell her, and he can’t be sure she won’t hate him for it.

Because there’s more behind the Arzon colony than genegineering and assigned Partnerings (assigned if you don’t find your own before you hit Triad, that is). Hector’s grown up knowing the truth (and hating it); Wynne’s never suspected (but finds herself unsurprised when he starts helping her notice it). Between the lies he’s had to tell her—and the truths he’s tried to help her find—will Wynne and Hector get past the rivalry and secrets to develop something more, or will others’ meddling and the lies of their lives drive them apart?

(A novelette of about 15.6k words or 0.9 hours’ reading for the average reader.)

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Wynne Imaguman doesn’t dislike Hector Primuman the Fourth, heir to the governor of the Arzon space colony. She’s just terrified of what she’s managed to learn about the colony and wants to flee as soon as she can. She’s been groomed to be Hector’s Partner, though, and he’s all but admitted he loves her. She doesn’t want to be cruel, but if she doesn’t make everyone think she’s falling in love with him, they’ll change her so she does.

Hector Primuman the Fourth has known the truth of the colony for as long as he can remember, and he’s also known that Wynne would be terrified once she figured it out. He doesn’t blame her—he doesn’t care for it, either—but there’s nothing he can do about it, other than let Wynne, the only person he’d consider a friend, break his heart.

And that’s if they can get her out before either of them ends up dead or psychologically altered.

(A novelette of about 16.6k words or 1 hours’ reading for the average reader.)