What’s your story?

Me, I’m one of those people with myriad freak allergies, as I was reminded one day a few months ago when I tried to stand up and discovered my legs weren’t working*, or some months before that when I discovered I could eat olive oil again but could no longer touch avocado.

*This is why I hate seasonal allergies.

Everyone’s crazy somehow; some people just hide it better than others. My form of crazy involves noticing the difference between what’s actually required and what’s just assumed to be necessary—because, hey, that’s what I have to do to survive, so I can’t help but see it everywhere else.

This means I approach your project with a focus on the end target—your aim and intent for the target audience, plus any specific details you definitely want—and figure out what you actually need from there.

Whether you need help figuring out what’s needed to get your project done or you need someone to do your project for you, I might be able to help you out.

website help for small businesses writing help for ESL or non-writers self-publishing help for authors

Does it sound as if I’m what you want for your project?

Drop me an e-mail detailing what you have in your project, including what you know about what you need next and where you need it to end up.