Get it written.

All content—whether it’s product descriptions or e-books—has so many steps that need to be done in order to get it written and out there for folks to read.

Content needs to…

  1. define the target audience (who will connect with it)
  2. define the target purchasers (who will buy it—doesn’t always match the previous question)
  3. determine how purchasers will find it (keywords, social media method(s), blurb, cover, etc.)
  4. define the target market(s) (where will you publish or sell it?)
  5. define the publishing tactic(s) (how will you publish or sell it, to fit the target audience and market(s))
  6. define the core purpose/theme (ex. “it must teach readers how to travel on a budget”)
  7. define what writing style and point of view you want used in the content (ties to target audience)
  8. define when you want it done (your preferred completion date)
  9. define when you need it done (the last possible completion date)
  10. construct the foundation needed (initial research, initial boundaries on world and characters, etc.)
  11. find potential keywords for the content (if applicable)
  12. organize the material and structure it
  13. compile further research, as needed
  14. write the initial draft of the content
  15. conduct further research, as needed
  16. edit the writing
  17. proofread the writing
  18. format the content for publication
  19. prepare the blurb for the content
  20. publish the content (on blogs, vendors, etc.)

Maybe part of that daunts you. Maybe it all does. Maybe you just want someone else to take care of the “writing” part of it for you.

Need creative product descriptions? Informational books? I’ve written (and finished) it all. I know how to stick my butt in a chair and fight my way through writing something rather than waiting around for the muse to bite me in the ass.

I can take your idea and help you identify your target audience, organize your material, and get a solid foundation—and then write the rest of the way, etc. I’ve done this so many times before.

If you hire me, you get that expertise—gained from my own content and from helping others with theirs—to work for you.

Note that nobody can guarantee that your book will be a bestseller. Not every idea is bestseller material, and if you think a single book is going to launch you into bestsellerdom, you probably don’t have the infrastructure in place that makes bestsellerdom more likely than not.

How to Hire Me:

Look at my earlier list of the steps to content writing and make sure you know which steps you want to hire me for and which steps you want to handle yourself. If budget’s important, you should also consider which ones you’d be willing to do yourself to save money. (Tip: If you aren’t sure what I mean by something on the list, it’s probably something you‘ll at least need help with.)

Have that figured out who’ll do what for all items?

Great! Save those answers—no matter who you hire, you‘ll want to have that information.

Now, are you looking for cheap, are you looking for fast, or are you looking for expert?

If your primary focus is the “cheap”, I’m not your gal. If your primary focus is “fast”, whether I’m your girl or not depends on my schedule (and there will be a rush fee). If your primary focus is “expert” and you don’t know what professional rates are, both the EFA and Writer’s Digest have handy tables listing that. Short version: When you need someone to do most or all of the writing process, pro rates are $0.20–$3 per word. With reason.)

I’m most likely to be your girl if you’re looking for quality and my website makes you go “Ooo!” or “Interesting!” (If you’re looking for someone who’s cheap and my website makes you cringe, what are you still doing here?)

E-mail me (with the details about what items on the list you’re needing) to start getting a quote. :-)