Does your English need help?

Do you want someone to fix your writing or to write your idea for you?

I have been writing and editing all sorts of things for more than a decade, for people from all sorts of nationalities. Native languages might be English or Spanish or Russian or Hebrew or Mandarin…

I can read sufficient Spanish to be able to understand discussion in that language (though, fair warning, I’m not the best at writing it). I also know a few forms of English and snippets of some other languages.

Why does this matter? Different languages have quirks that affect their meaning. I don’t know if I qualify as fully bilingual, but I intentionally learn about how languages work, which helps me understand what you mean to say when you hand me your English.

I’m not omniscient or telepathic. Sometimes I’ll have to ask you what you mean. Sometimes that means I’ll flag something as officially wrong but informally or colloquially fine, such as the colloquial and historical precedent for using they as a gender-neutral singular pronoun.

But would you rather work with someone who verifies what you meant, or someone who makes assumptions about it?

What Working with Me Looks Like:

If I ever don’t respond within two (2) business days, something has gotten funky in digital land. Maybe the e-mail gremlins were hungry.

  1. You send me information about your manuscript: word count, target audience (genre, what it is, etc.), desired or needed turnaround time (such as if you need it in time for an anthology deadline), and if you want a sample edit (available to new clients or returning ones with new situations).
  2. I respond, and if your turnaround time can fit my schedule, I alert you when to watch for the quote (with the sample, if requested).
  3. You send me your manuscript, if you haven’t already.
  4. I evaluate the manuscript, perform the sample edit if applicable, and send you a quote and expected turnaround date.
  5. You accept the quote.
  6. I submit an invoice and letter of agreement.
  7. You accept the letter of agreement, paying the invoice. (Note that if you’re seeking to schedule me in advance of the project being ready, there is a fee for reserving the slot.)
  8. I perform and deliver the edit (or proofread), which will include comments with options and questions and notes of things you may want to address.
  9. You go over the edit and examine the comments, responding when appropriate via edit or new comment, and return the edit to me.
  10. I receive the file and give you a turnaround date.
  11. I look over the changes you’ve made, respond accordingly, and return the file.
  12. You look over it and, if you have further questions, can request a repeat of the previous two steps.
  13. We wrap everything up and move on to our respective next projects.

Note that if you make significant changes to your project while work is in progress, the added portions may warrant an additional fee, to account for the material that was not part of the original project scope.

My default grammar handbook is The Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition), and my default dictionary is the online unabridged Merriam-Webster for US English and the online Oxford Dictionary for non-US English—but I’m able to use a different grammar handbook and/or dictionary upon request.

Whether your work is nonfiction or fiction, a how-to manual or a story, I can edit or proofread it*.

*Unless it’s slasher horror or something beyond my ken—like calculus (which I understand but can only explain verbally, not in logarithms, thanks to a math disability that nobody noticed until I was in college). But if your work does just so happen to be something I can’t work on, I’ll tell you, and I might be able to refer you to someone else who’s a better fit.

But don’t just take my word for it!

I have hired Misti to edit four of my books, and she has done a wonderful job. She is thorough, professional, and returns my manuscripts in a timely manner. Apart from making necessary technical corrections, she has offered valuable creative suggestions on many occasions. She is a skilled editor, and I highly recommend her.

Joshua Kinser

Misti Wolanski edited two books for me—one young adult and one “hen” lit. Both times she made brilliant recommendations that vastly improved the manuscripts. I love the way she packs in little “mini-lessons” along with her edits, so I’m not only getting great editing, but I’m also acquiring a higher skill level from working with her. With both books she was clear about the timeline and stuck to it. Moreover, she went above and beyond by reviewing my website and offering suggestions for improving it. Without reservation, I highly recommend Misti"s editing services! I look forward to working with her on my next project.

Brenda Vicars, author of Polarity in Motion

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